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Adobe After effects

Adobe Illustrator

Time Frame

3 weeks

The solution: When designing for children, straight-forward and simplified usability was a key element. Children have a lower tolerance towards correcting errors made during their user journey so making the experience easy to navigate and hard to make errors
was a main goal of mine. Utilizing signifiers and affordances will help create a low stress and enjoyable experience for the young audience

"How can we immerse a young audience in an educational app?"

Brief Overview: Audii is a gamified audio-book app suited for children who are 5-10 years old with
developmental disabilities.

The goal:  The goal of the application is to help reading comprehension and build vocabulary. There was a need and a market for an audio-book children's app that makes the user excited to learn and immerses them. While there are many similar apps on the market, the majority of them fall short of providing proper accessibility features

"How can we improve and capitalize on the ways our competitors are falling short?"

"What are ways we can optimize the app to make each experience unique to the user?" 

Capstone Gallery Mockup-01.png
Capstone Gallery Mockup-02.png
Capstone Gallery Mockup-03.png
Capstone Gallery Mockup-04.png
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