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Duolingo Annual Report (Digital)


Duolingo *Concept




Time Frame


2 months

"How can we utilize a digital interface to make our report to help users not get lost in large bodies of text"

"What solutions are there to make important information stand out and be memorable to our shareholders"

Assignment Requirement: Select a company to design and execute a printed and digital annual report. After the completing the printed version, reorganize/optimize it to successfully adapt it to the screen. Explore how a sequential narrative is converted to a global navigational structure suitable for online use

Project Overview: A desktop version of Duolingo's 2021 Annual Report. The goal of this user interface was to make Duolingo's successes, financial earnings, and goals for the next year for the feature engaging for shareholders, investors, and the internal company

The Challenge: Annual Reports can be text heavy due to the amount of information and statistics that need to be provided. Through research annual reports have been shown to be unmemorable and require a significant amount of focus for the user.

The solution: The initial problem of annual reports requiring heavy attention to the user was solved through multiple different ways. By utilizing infographics and charts,  important statistics were able to stand out to the user. This solution had the dual benefit of 1.) being memorable and 2.) allowing the user to take a break from reading large bodies of text.  

Having the opportunity to create a digital version of this annual report, allowed me use constriction with the amount of information being presented. Allowing the user to navigate through the website and reading more about topics that are relevant to them, made the experience more memorable and engaging since they were only digesting information they were seeking out.

Landing Page

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 8.17.15 PM.png

Screen Mockups

duo digital mockup.png


duo digital mockup2.png
duo digital mockup3.png



Research, Sketches, and Process Work

*Research, Sketches, and Process Work to Come*

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