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Coruzant landing page


Coruzant / ITX Marketplace


Adobe XD

*Mockup Image by crowf on Freepik

Time Frame

2 weeks

Brief Overview: Revamped landing page and contact form for business owners in the IT Industry looking to sell their business. 

"How can we build a deeper level of trust with our users?"

My Role: As an intern, they gave this project to me to find a solution to the problem that they were having. After discussion with ITX Marketplace and the company they were partnering with, I pulled from information I had learn from my studies on things brands can do to build trust, and began doing additional research on that specific topic.

After analyzing the research I had done, I began sketching wireframes. Once I had solidified a concept, I made low-fidelity mockups to send my project mangers. After a few rounds of getting feedback and refining, the final solution was found.

The problem:  The original landing page provided an insufficient amount of information about the companies history and what their mission is.  The page did not establish trust with its users or provide feedback once the user completed the form. Most of all, the page did not provide a "why" the customer should inquire with them about selling their business over a competitor company.

"What are ways we can optimize our site to increase the level of engagement and inquiries from our users?"

"How can we set ourselves apart from competitors?"

The solution: It was determined that including a brief history about the company and their successes made the user feel secure that they could trust Coruzant with their business. Visual elements that adhere to Coruzant and ITX Marketplace's were pulled in to established consistency with their brand identity, which was shown to lead to stronger brand recognition and increase the level of engagement. 

Desktop View

Coruzant Landing Page.png
Coruzant Landing Page Success.png

Mobile View

Coruzant Mobile .png
Mobile Coruzant Landing Page Success.png

Original Landing Page

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 5.32.46 PM.png
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